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Komal Herbals – Ayurbest Turmagik – 100 Tabs

Turmeric is used extensively as a spice in Indian cooking as it is tasty and aids in digestive health. It supports the body's overall - natural inflammation response and the Curcumin has powerful - antioxidant properties. We use whole turmeric as it retains all the effective properties of the essential oils. Cardamom is a flavorful digestive. Licorice enhancesView more

Komal Herbals – Praas – 500 Grams Jar

Chyawanprash (we call it Praas) - a unique jam - is a mix of over 40 powerful ayurvedic herbs with 'Amalaki' (Amla berry or Indian gooseberry) as the base. Some of the other ingredients in this traditional recipe include ashwaganda - cardamom - nutmeg - lotus - long pepper - dried grapes and cinnamon. Cane sugar - ghee and honey are included because theyView more