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Flexitol, Flexitol Heel Balm For Rough Dry Feet, 2 oz

This product for rough, dry feet gives visible results in 3 days and is diabetic friendly. Advanced formulation combines the latest ingredients in skin care, including Centipeda Cunninghamii, a unique Australian herb to have skin nourishing properties. This highly efficacious formulation also contains 25% urea in addition to active ingredients designed to deeplyView more

Flexitol, Flexitol Diabetic Foot Balm, 4 oz

Diabetics are at an increased risk of rough, dry, cracked feet. Flexitol Diabetic Foot Balm is specially formulated to help hydrate and condition rough, dry, cracked skin. It penetrates and softens calloused skin on the feet. Flexitol Diabetic Foot Balm contains 25% chemically synthesized urea in a highly concentrated moisturizing and emollient base to help keepView more