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Flents, Flents Wipe ‘N Clear Eyeglass Lens Cleaner, 8 Oz

Anti-static. Recommended for glass, plastic and polycarbonate lenses. Non-aerosol spray. Contains no ozone depleting chemicals.View more

Flents, Flents Ear Stopples Wax-Cotton Plugs, 6 pair

Protects Hearing*. Reduces Noise for Restfull Sleep.View more

Flents, Flents Siesta Mask Reusable Sleep Eye Mask, 1 each

One size fits all. Perfect for travel. Helps you sleep better naturally. Soft, comfort padded, lightweight. Adjustable-one size fits all. Color of mask may vary from that shown in photo.View more

Flents, Flents Seal-Rite Silicone Ear Plugs, 3 pair

Reduces Noise. Keeps Ear Dry. Seals Out Water. For Children and Adults. Great For Swimming.View more

Flents, Flents Eye Patch Regular One Size Fits All, 1 each

Shaped for comfort and protection. Concave shape minimizes pressure. Made of soft, smooth material. Elastic headband holds patch securely. One size fits all.View more

Flents, Flents Fever Reader – Thermometer, 1 each

Accurate, reliable reading. Reusable. The Fever Reader is the easy way to take a temperature! Measures temperature in one minute when pressed against forehead. Highest temperature window indicates body temperature. Use again and again. Cleans easily with a soft damp cloth.View more

Flents, Flents Wipe ‘n Clear Lens Cleaning Kit, 1 each

Eyeglass lens cleaner and lens cleaning tissues for glass or plastic lenses. Ideal at work, in the car, playing sports and can be used for cleaning all types of eyewear, computer screens, safety glasses, CDs, DVDs, etc.View more

Flents, Flents Finger/Toe Splint Assorted, 1 each

Used for protecting injured finger tips. Allows more ventilation to injured finger than a heavy dressing or bandage. Protects finger from further injury during healing. Contents: 1 medium two-sided finger splint, 1 large two-sided finger splint, 1 extra large two-sided finger splint.View more

Flents, Flents Splint Finger Baseball, Large 1 each

Used to hold the entire finger in proper position after injury to promote healing and protect from further irritation. Easily molds to finger yet retains its strength. 1/4 inch thick padding keeps finger dry and comfortable.View more