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Eco-Dent, Between Gum Cinnamon, (case Of 12) / 12 Pc

Between! Dental Gum, Natural Cinnamon, Natural Dental Care Gum with Baking Soda, Minerals and Antioxidants. Between! Natural Dental Care Gum gives you all the dental health benefits of natural baking soda, plus minerals for stronger teeth, anti-oxidants for healthier gums, and slippery elm for a smoother throat!. . (Between Gum Cinn by Eco-Dent (formerly Merflaun))View more

Eco-Dent, Vegan Floss, Cinnamon 100 yards

Reduces Tooth Decay. All Natural Essential Oils. Helps Eliminate Plaque. 100% Vegan Waxes. Mint Free. Freshness Breath.View more

Eco-Dent, Terradent 31 Toothbrush, Head Refill Sensitive 3 Refills

Clinically Tested, Recommended by Dentists. Ecological. Economical. Patented Thermowelded Bristles. Premium Oral Care. Terradent med5 for Fivefold Protection.View more

Eco-Dent, Toothpowder, Cinnamon 2 oz

BETTER THAN PASTES! Natural Effervescence makes it better! Better, fresher cleaning of teeth and gums. Neutralizes mouth acids. Lower Abrasivity. Cleans teeth & freshens breath without flouride. RECOMMENDED BY DENTISTS. NATURAL SOURCE INGREDIENTS.View more

Eco-Dent, Trial Size Coolmint, 2 ct

Premium Natural Oral Care. Helps Reduce Mouth Odors and Freshens Breath*. Contains Baking Soda and Antioxidant Vitamins*. Great Tasting. Sugar Free.View more

Eco-Dent, Child Soft Funbrush Refill, 3 PC

Ages 5 & Older. Certified CCIC. Clinically Tested, Recommended By Dentists. Healthier Teeth & Gums. Premium Oral Care. Replaceable Head Clicks In, Stays In. Safe and Secure!.View more

Eco-Dent, Ultimate Daily Mouth Rinse, Sparkling Clean Mint 8 oz

Eco-Dent, Ultimate Daily Mouth Rinse, Sparkling Clean Mint 8 ozView more