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Tenergy D 10000mAh NiMH Flat Top Rechargeable Battery

High quality D size 10,000 mAh high capacity nickel hydride metal (Ni-MH)rechargeable batteries with tabs for easy soldering Ultra long running time with this 10,000 mAh high capacity 30Amps Continuous High Drain Capability (3C High Discharge Rate Means Lower Impedance)Very long life time and can be recharged up to 1000 times. Exact replacement for standard DView more

Tenergy Premium D 10000mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery

Untitled Document.R1 {color#900;}Premium Quality Ultra High Capacity D Size rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery PREMIUM Benefits Robust Perfomance - more consistent performance under load Higher Current Capabilities - ideal for high drain applications Compatible with all Tenergy D Size NiMH Chargers & Other Brand Chargers:High Capacity D SizeView more

1 Card: Tenergy Centura NiMH D 8000mAh Low Self Discharge Rechargeable Batteries

.R1 {color#900;}Why Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery ?Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) NiMH Battery is a combination of a rechargeable and a disposable battery, the next evolutionary step for batteries into the 21st century. Because the Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) Battery has a very low self-discharge, battery loses its charge very slowly. LowView more

Tenergy Universal Smart 3A Battery Charger (Hybrid): 7.2V – 12V

Specification:Rated output voltage17.8V 0.2V Output voltage7 V DC ~ 18.5V DC Battery capacity extend0.8Ah ~ 15Ah (1A current)1.6Ah ~ 30Ah (2A current)2.4Ah ~ 45Ah (3A current) Number of cells6-10 NiMH/NiCD cells in series Charge current3A 0.2A / 2A 0.1A / 1A 0.1A Max. delivered power54W Rated AC input100~240VAC 50/60Hz Input voltage90~264VAC RatedView more

Tenergy 3.5A Charger for 24V NiMH/NiCD Battery Pack

SpecificationRated output voltage24VOutput voltage20 V DC ~ 35V DCBattery capacity extend3Ah ~ 30AhNumber of cells20 NiMH/NiCD cells in seriesCharge current3.5A 0.2AMax. delivered power122.5WRated AC input100~240VAC 50/60HzInput voltage90~264VACRated input current1.0Arms (220VAC input and full load)Max. input power153W Accessories Included1 standard TamiyaView more

Tenergy 3A Charger for 36V NiMH/NiCD Battery Pack

Specification:Rated output voltage36V Output voltage30 V DC ~ 52.5V DC Battery capacity extend2.4Ah ~ 30Ah Number of cells30 NiMH/NiCD cells in series Charge current3A 0.2A Max. delivered power158W Rated AC input100~240VAC 50/60Hz Input voltage90~264VAC Rated input current1.28Arms (220VAC input and full load) Max. input power197W Accessories IncludedView more

Tenergy 2A Charger for 48V NiMH/NiCD Battery Pack

Specification:The best 48V NiMH/NiCD Battery Intelligent Charger in the market Charger Switches to Trickle status automatically when any of the following criteria is reached:(The strongest protection for your battery)Minus V Value > 3~5 mV/cellOr Maximum Cell Voltage > 1.56V/cell(NI-MH)1.7V/cellNI-CDOr Max. Cell Temp.>55Or Max. Cell Temp. exothermView more

12V DC Quick Charger for 7.2V/8.4V Ni-Cd Rechargeable Battery Pack

12V DC input. Smart DC charger allows you to charge NiCd battery pack from car battery. Designed for use with 7.2V 600-2000mAh or 8.4V 600-2000mAh NiCd battery pack Charging current1.3A / 3.2A selectable Battery cut-off by negative delta V - + detection. With maximum timer control for overcharge protection. Protection fuse for over current, short circuit & reverseView more

Tenergy 100A 3 in 1 Self-Balance, Voltage and Watt Meter–New and Hot!

Tenergy 3 in 1 Voltage and Watt Meteris a very sophisticated electronic device that controlled by high performance microprocessor and precise resistors. It has three functions of 'watt-meter', 'battery checker' and self-balancer. Those functions are essential for electric flyers to ensure safe battery condition and to measure the electric consumptions of theView more

Tenergy C 5000mAh NiMH Flat Top Rechargeable Battery

High quality C size 5000 mAh high capacity nickel hydride metal (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries with tabs for easy solderingSuper long running time with this 5000 mAh high capacityVery long life time and can be recharged up to 1000 times.Can provide up to $1000 savings of rechargeable batteries by eliminating the need to buy hundreds of C-size Alkaline batteriesView more