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Polident – Polident Smokers Denture Cleanser – 40 tabs

Kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria and other microrganisms. Cleans tough tobacco stains. Triple mint freshness. Why clean dentures with Polident instead of toothpaste? Dentures are a lot softer than teeth. Toothpaste contains abrasives that can scratch dentures. Bacteria can grow in scratches - which can cause bad breath.View more

Polident, Polident Dentu-Creme Denture Toothpaste, 3.9 oz

Specially formulated to clean dentures fast. Kills germs that can cause denture odor. Triple mint mouthwash formula. Gentle on denture acrylic.View more

Polident, Polident Overnight Whitening Tablets, 40 Tabs

Polident, Polident Overnight Whitening Tablets, 40 TabsView more