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Phion – Alkalizing Mineral Complex – 5.29 oz

Dietary Supplement. Perfect Ionic Blend of All Five Alkaline Minerals*. Neutralizes Acids in the Body . A Perfect Blend of Ionic Minerals*. Virtually Tasteless Powder.View more

Phion – Tight-N-Tuck Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet – 32 oz

Acai Berry Juice. Cayenne Pepper. Considered as Dietary Supplement. Goji Berry Juice. Grade B Maple Syrup. Noni Berry Juice. Real Lemon Juice. Wow! Look at All of Those in One Bottle. pHion's Specially Formulated Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet Enriched with Goji - Noni & Acai Berries.View more

Phion, Diagnostic pH Test Strips, 90 CT

15 Second Results . Advanced Version. For in Vitro Use Only. Is your Body Overly Acidic?. Leading Choice by Doctors and Natural Practitioners. Measures Body pH of Urine & Saliva. Over 10 Million Medical pH Test Strips Sold... . Practitioner Preferred. Throw Away the pH Paper ... Pick Up the Strips!. True AcidView more