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Larenim – Fair Maiden Medium Under Eye Concealer – 1 gm powder

Apply under eyes to help minimize the appearance of shadows and fine lines.View more

Larenim – Cucumber Eye Makeup Remover – 2 OZ

Cleanse . Gentle - Effective & Oil Free. Refresh . Soothe. Vegan.View more

Larenim – Bamboo Skin Polish – 4 OZ

Cocoa Coconut with Sugar Cane Extract . No Animal Testing. Vegan.View more

Larenim – Age ReDew Serum – 1 OZ

Hyaluronic Acid with Galanga Leaf . Hydrate. Nourish. Primes Skin for Mineral Foundation. Replenish. Vegan.View more

Larenim – Goddess Glo Bronzing Oil – Vanilla 1 oz

Argan Acai for All Skin Types. Moisturize. Glow. Indulge.View more

Larenim, Luscious Kabuki Brush, 1 ct

This high quality brush fits perfectly in your hand for a smooth and flawless application. Grabs onto minerals for easy use. Great for buffering your foundation and finishing powder.View more

Larenim, Camouflage Oval Brush, 1 pk

Excellent for applying Concealer to inflamed areas, blemishes or under-eye circles. Also great for applying foundation to precision areas, such as around the nose. Vegan.View more

Larenim, Eyeliner Brush, 1 ct

This brush is the perfect tool for applying Larenim eyeliner. Mix any powder with a few drops of water to transform into the best eyeliner ever. Vegan.View more

Larenim, Flocked Sponge, 1 ct

Excellent for applying mineral makeup. Moisten to increase the level of your application.View more

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