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Gum, Gum Stimulator Refills, 3 each

Promotes healthy, firm gums. Recommended by dental professionals.View more

Gum, Gum G-U-M Orthodontic Wax, 1 each

Relieves irritation from braces. Orthodontists and hygienists recommend GUM Orthodontic Wax for relief from irritation that may be caused by wires and brackets. With vitamin E.View more

Gum, Gum G-U-M Go Between Proxabrush Cleaners Tight, tight 8 each

Clean daily between teeth, implants and appliances. Triangular shaped bristles help remove food and plaque. Coated wire for safety. Antibacterial coating on bristles keeps brush clean between uses and inhibits bacterial growth.* Bendable body and neck for better control when cleaning hard-to-reach places. New ergonomic handle for better comfort and control. *BristlesView more

Gum, Gum G-U-M Orthodontic Wax, Mint 1 each

Relieves irritation from braces that may be caused by wires and brackets. Recommended by orthodontists and hygienists. With vitamin E and aloe vera.View more

Gum, Gum Super Tip Toothbrushes Value Pack Soft Regular, 2 each

Super Tip bristles clean hard-to-reach surfaces. Outer bristles clean the tooth surface and massage your gums. Raised center Dome Trim bristles are to clean below the gumline where periodontal disease starts (data on file). Tongue cleaner helps remove odor-causing bacteria. Comfortable and easy-to-hold handle.View more

Gum, Soft Micro Tip Toothbrushes, 2 Each

Feathered Bristle Tips. Healthy Gums, Healthy Life. With Angled Neck.View more

Gum, GUM Soft-Picks Wider Spaces, 40 Each

New. Healthy Gums, Healthy Life. Gently Removes Food and Plaque.View more

Gum, Gum Go-Betweens Proxabrush Refills Moderate, cylindrical 612RN 1 each

Antibacterial Bristle Protection*. Healthy Gums, Healthy Life. Removes Plaque Between Teeth. Recommended By Dental Professional.View more

Gum, Gum Denture Brush, 1 each

Dentures require daily care to maintain freshness and natural color. Wide head makes cleaning easier by gently but effectively brushing outer denture surfaces. Tapered head makes cleaning easier by thoroughly and efficiently brushing curved areas. Comfortable angled handle for better control.View more