Fairy LiceMothers

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Fairy LiceMothers, MagicHalo Shampoo, 8 fl oz. (237 ml)

Natural shampoo and lice treatment.*. Sulfate Free.. Treatment & Prevention.. Contains no Pesticides.. Made with essential oils.. Safe for daily use..View more

Fairy LiceMothers, Magic Mousse Foam, 4 oz

Non-Toxic. Helps Eliminate Both Lice and Their Eggs (Nits). Pesticide Free. Safe For Repeated Applications. Clinically Proven*. Advanced Foamer Applicator.View more

Fairy LiceMothers, Magicwand, 1 count

The Ultimate Lice Nit Fighter*. Unique Design. Unbreakable*. Stainless Steel.. Patented Worldwide. Exclusive Microgrooved Teeth*. Rounded Ends Protectscalp.View more

Fairy LiceMothers, MagicHalo Conditioner, 8 oz

Natural Conditioner with lice treatment. Sulfate free. Lice Repellant. Contains no pesticides. Made with essential oils. Safe for Daily use.View more