Body Tools

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Body Tools, Backstroke, 1 EACH

A versatile massager for gently rolling the skin and surface muscles of the whole body. Useful for calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms, and back. Caresses the muscles and tissues and is easy to use. Kneading effect benefits circulation and skin rejuvenation with every roll. A great feeling: continuous enjoyment and well being for you and your partner.View more

Body Tools, Double Footsie Roller, 1 EACH

Roll the sole of the foot on the Footsie Roller to increase circulation. Relieve tension. Relax foot muscles and revitalize the body. The family of BT Footsie Rollers are quality products made of the Pacific Northwestern Alder. Each piece is hand-dipped in pure oil and beeswax. Comes bagged with a header card.View more