Aloha Bay

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Aloha Bay, Himalyan Salt Crystal Cube Lamp, Each

Complete with 110V light fixture, toggle switch and special heat-resistant bulb. All electrical parts are UL approved. Sturdy double cardboard box packaging with full size color label.View more

Aloha Bay, Halite Clear Salt Crystal, Each

Ulta Clear Salt Crystal from the Himalayas. This rare salt structure is almost perfectly transparent.View more

Aloha Bay, Candle Chakra Jar, Love 11 oz

100% Pure Essential Oils. Cedar, Spruce. Rosemary.View more

Aloha Bay, Votive Eco Palm Wax Candles Holy Temple, 1 Count(case of 12)

100% Pure Essential Oils . Basil. Nerol. Clove*. Patchouli*.View more

Aloha Bay, Eco Palm Wax Candles, Unscented Pillars White 6 COUNT

Fragrance Free. Reach Compliant Vegetable Oil Based Dyes. Pure Cotton Wicks.View more

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